Monday, November 2, 2009

web technology guidelines

  1. How the client server communication can be done through Internet? Describe web-server and its importance. [10]
  2. [4+6]
    1. Explain HTTP headers.
    2. Differentiate Stateful and Stateless sites, why we need Sateful CGI applications?
  3. Create a Form in HTML for following inputs [10]
    1. Name
    2. Address
    3. Sex
    4. Email ID
    5. Telephone Number
    6. Education (e.g. Bachelor, Masters etc.)

Write a Javascript code to validate to ensure Name and Address field are filled, Telephone Number is a number and Email id is a valid id.

  1. Write a HTML program to create a Table of your own (put the table contents as you need) and with following feature [8]

i. 3 rows and 2 columns (first column is twice as big as second)

ii. Cell padding =5, cell spacing =3

iii. Background color is red

  1. Explain with an example, use of the Frames in HTML. [7]
  2. [8+7]
    1. Write an external CSS file, for formatting a paragraph as follows, and show how this CSS can be used from HTML document.

i. Font = Arial

ii. font color= blue

iii. Alignment = center

    1. What is the use of
      tag and tags while applying Style Sheet, explain with example.
  1. What do you mean by Interactive and Dynamic web pages, explain why they are important? Describe DHTML. [10]
  2. What is an XML? Explain XML DTD with a example. [10]
  3. Write Short Notes on any four [5x4]
    1. Get vs Post
    2. JavaScript Events
    3. Adding local and remote Links in HTML
    4. Cookies Management
    5. Session Management

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